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I’m enjoying being a tenant of Pike Properties & Management. They are very responsive and provide excellent services. It’s good to know I don’t have to worry about anything having to do with my home. My 9 year old son and I are very happy with the condition, location and layout of the home we’re renting. Working with Pike Properties is quite pleasant – they are real people that listen and care.
Tom Plestnear

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Pike Properties for years. As a wholesaler who works exclusively for property management companies, I can attest to the professionalism and practical knowledge needed to keep tenants happy and buildings maintained properly. Pike Properties excels as one of the best. Their staff is comprised of professionals with decades of experience and of young, energetic members with an outstanding drive to care for the needs of both their commercial and residential tenants. Whether you are a tenant, vendor or building owner, I couldn’t recommend Pike Properties more highly.
Dan C

We’ve been working with Pike Properties since the beginning of the year and are very impressed by the attentiveness of the staff. Each property has a dedicated representative, they are very knowledgeable in what they do and issues seem to be addressed immediately. Part of my job is to work ‘business to business’ and I’ve found this company to be: reputable, professional and very pleasant to work with.
Kim S

Came in looking for a nice affordable apartment, which we all know can be pretty hard to find and Jessica Ginsberg was able to help me find it. She went ahead and work with my budget and was able to get me into my first apartment:) couldn’t be more happier with my place
Melissa D

My husband and I rented an apartment for a year and a half through Pike Properties and although we are low maintenance people, anytime I had a concern or need, Giovanni was quick to respond and meet that need. We had to move out of state or we would still be with them. They are a great company and I would rent through them again.
Rachel B

In my line of business I’ve had the opportunity to work on occasion with Jessica, Giovanni, Linnea, and most recently Kelly. I appreciate being treated with dignity and graciousness. In the last four years I’ve seen how hard the staff at Pike works to meet deadlines and to take care of their tenants and properties. We’ve worked through emergencies together, always trying to find a solution to make things turn out right. I look forward to continuing to build our working business relationship.
Suzanne S

The professionalism and kindness of both the Realtor and Property Manager has been genuine. If all goes well, I would love to do work from this building.

I was VERY sad to leave my place on 305 Esplanade. The location was KILLER, the floor plan was amazing, I could see the beach from my window and 3 of us paid about $900 each (btw the master bedroom was 2 rooms plus a bathroom more than the size of the spacious living room). But as we all grow up, we also move apart so I had to move out. I see the bad reviews for Pike properties and I want to express that I did not have these issues. In fact I had a great experience with the management. For the first year our manager was Art. Anyone who lived in our building will have nothing but the best to say about him… attentive, friendly, at your doorstep in minutes of a phone call, on top of all problems, readily available, and a really cool surfer guy. John took over before we left and he was beyond helpful and equally cool! We had a little issue with the timing of getting our security deposit back, so the main guy (forget his name) called me personally to apologize, Giovanni Sigaran from the main office met with me personally to make sure the (FULL) refund was in my hand, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I gave 4 stars because no one is perfect, but I must express how impressed I was about the importance of fixing my problems with tenant satisfaction in mind. It occurs to me that people with positive experiences are not as driven to write good reviews and people that fall between those cracks and have bad experience (not knowing the other side of the story) feel the most compelled to leave negative reviews. While specifics are helpful on yelp, it is nice to take in to account all opinions of this property and management team. Thank you Pike Properties for our time at your beachfront apartment 🙂
Kitty K

Manager Linnea at Pike follows through with her work and when it comes to water damages she is on it! Keep up the good work!
Stephany W

I have had to deal with a few less than professional management companies and landlords… but Pike Properties does an excellent job at the building I rent at (Plaza Riviera Office Building). I’ve given a couple of friends their phone number because they manage a lot of properties in the beach area and they’ve made all of my referalls as happy as I am with them! I have another friend who will be leaving his current management company soon, he is going to be calling Pike Properties also with my referral and I bet you will see his review of them here under mine! Thank you Pike Properties for all that you do! I would imagine Property Management isn’t an easy gig but you guys make it look easy! Good Job!
Teressa G

I have always found Jessica Ginsburg and Pike Properties to be nothing but the utmost professionals, with all of my dealings with them over the years.
Tim L

Pike Property manages my family’s rentals in Long Beach and I couldn’t be happier. Jessica, and her team are always on hand to help and assist with any problems or concerns. They keep the units filled and reduce the stress and worry on me.
Rowena W

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